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PBM's (Pharmacy Benefit Manager) manage the pharmacy spend of payors throughout the pharmaceutical industry, including long term care patients, who are usually covered by Medicare Part D. Pharmacy expenses for sub-acute patients within a skilled nursing facility are included in consolidated billing and are, therefore, the SNF's fiscal responsibility. These "facility bill" pharmacy expenses are one of the only spend in the pharmaceutical industry that has no external PBM or entity helping control and manage its cost. This causes significant increases in expenses due to unmanaged ordering patterns, and SNF's inability to efficiently ensure accuracy of the pharmacy bill.

SRx was founded in order to give skilled nursing operators the necessary control over the entire sub-acute pharmacy process. Aa a technology-based Pharmacy Services Management company, SRx helps to systematically streamline medication orders though a formulary, and adjudicates all "facility bill" claims in order to ensure that these systems are compliant. An additional benefit of real-time adjudication is that all sub-acute medication orders are processed by SRx's platform to ensure accuracy of each claim. This, in turn, allows SRx to produce a suite of monthly reconciliation reports to assist with bill accuracy, medication return management, split bill opportunities, OTC trends and many other key metrics.